spoonville article

Balnarring Spoonville

During the stage-four lockdown the team at Balnarring Dental started a ‘Spoonville’ in the front yard of their dental clinic to help spread some lighthearted joy and a sense of connection for the local community. Like many other ‘Spoonvilles’ around Melbourne, they aimed at brightening children’s days and give the kids who could not see their friends in person something fun to do at home, while feeling connected to the community. Some highly creative adults joined in the fun too!

‘Spoonvilles’ popped up worldwide in 2020 and have been particularly popular in Melbourne during the second lockdown. To make one all you need is a publicly accessible land, a sign that reads ‘Spoonville’ and the rest of the community can join in with their own cutlery villagers. You can be as creative as you like, paint them in different colours, give them googly eyes, feather hair or pipe-cleaner arms. Dr Tiv went to the extent of making his dentist-spoon some safety glasses and royal blue scrubs. Dr Mish was inspired by her passion for baking and gave her spoon a cupcake paper dress. Darina made a French spoon-couple holding a mini bottle of red wine from Bordeaux, inspired by the one too many glasses of wine she had during the lockdown. Many spoons joined the crowd and they hope locals can come and see their Spoonville some time, and maybe even join in the community with your own spoon creation.