dental cleaning

Come for a clean!

When you come in for a ‘regular clean’ you will have an experience like no other with our
thorough and gentle Oral Health Therapists/Dental Hygienists. Instead of a ‘quick 10 minute
clean’ they allocate 60 minutes of their time to you to effectively remove stains & bacteria
(plaque & calculus) from around your teeth and gums. They take extra steps to ensure you are
comfortable and adjust their treatment to how sensitive your teeth are.

They do this through extra care, compassion, attention to detail and extra efforts such as,
applying a desensitising paste prior to starting, using hand-scalers, or adjusting the settings on
the equipment to bespoke settings just for you. If you have had bad experiences in the past
with routine cleans there is no need to worry because they will tailor your appointment to
your needs so you can be comfortable and pain-free. They will take the time to discover your
daily dental hygiene routine & figure out ways of making it for efficient or effective using
their wealth of knowledge on dental products, and brushing/flossing techniques.

Our Mornington Peninsula Oral Hygienists take time to thoroughly assess your gums for
hidden and silent gum issues that could be causing bad breath and permanent loss of gums
(gum recession) or loss of bone. Their motto is to help you keep your teeth for life through
prevention and early detection of hidden disease. They will also help you assess the colour of
your teeth and help you achieve your goals in gaining a healthy and bright smile you are
proud of.

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