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24/7 dental emergency phone line

You can call us with your dental emergency outside of work hours, on public holidays or weekends. Your phone call will be redirected to one of our dental practitioners or staff members. We will be there for you at a time of need and give you all the necessary advice.

Initial Examination (80 mins)

We are extremely thorough and understanding in our approach. We allow 80minutes for your initial dental consultation with our dentists at no extra cost to the patient. We do this because it allows enough time for you to tell us about your teeth, worries or concerns and gives us time to listen. Many patients tell us that at other clinics they felt ‘rushed’ and that they did not understand what was actually happening. Our patients are usually amazed at the level of detail we go through to get all the facts about your particular case. We do all this so we can provide the most suitable and quality dental care for your unique case.

Jaw joint exam during the dental check-up

We don’t only check your teeth but also the important surrounding facial structures. Checking of the jaw joint to make sure it does not click or pop in a way that can indicate damage or an ongoing issue. This will help us to check the bite as well.

Facial and chewing muscles examination during the dental check-up

Grinding and clenching happens in the unconscious state. Most people don’t even know they are doing it. The muscles never lie. If you overuse a muscle it will get bigger. Bigger chewing muscles could mean that you are grinding and/or clenching and this could lead to early failure or catastrophic collapse of your teeth as well as joint problems.

Examination of secondary muscles of chewing (often associated with headaches and neck pain)

Once your main chewing muscle is at 100% use, the body will start recruiting other muscles to help. These muscles are located around your temples, forehead and scalp and can link to neck muscles. These muscles can act as a pulley system and work synergistically to increase forces to the teeth or to your spine.

Soft Tissue Exam

We check all the vital soft tissue areas to ensure you are free of potential bacteria, viral or fungal infections in the mouth. This includes cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions at every examination visit. Early detection of these can be lifesaving.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection of oral cancer lesions can lead to easier removal and longevity of life. The Australian Dental Association states that early detection gives you a 90% chance of surviving oral cancer.

Health of Gums Check

The gums are the foundations for healthy teeth, yet often they are neglected. We gently check the gums and bones for inflammation and infection. Bacteria or plaque often becomes trapped around the gums leading to gingivitis or gum disease and general health problems. It has been shown to increase chances of strokes, heart disease, and pneumonia. In pregnant ladies it has been linked to low birth weight for newborns. Gum disease is a silent disease and often patients have no idea they have it. It often does not cause any pain until it is too late to treat. We strive to catch any signs of it before it gets to that stage.

Charting of existing treatment (treatment already done)

Noting what has been done in the past.

Charting of decay

Noting any visible signs of decay. Be aware though that decay occurs a bit like an apple with a worm in it. You may see a dark spot but it is not until you cut the apple that you see the full extent of the damage. The same is true for teeth – this is why we use x-rays to help diagnose decay.

Charting of missing teeth

Noting the teeth that are missing. Be aware that missing a tooth is like removing a stress bearing wall in a house – the other walls need to take up the extra load. This happens in the mouth also – the more teeth you are missing the more load the other teeth have to take and this could lead to cracks or splits in the teeth.

Charting of crossbites

Top teeth should go over the bottom teeth. If it is the other way around, then it needs to be documented and explained as this can cause significant tooth and jaw problems later in life.

Charting of crowding

Documentation of the amount of crowding or how squished your teeth are. This will let us know if they are getting more squished with time and will allow us to discuss options for straightening teeth if that is of interest to you.

Tooth colour assessment

Documentation of how white your teeth are compared to the standard average colour and the whitest natural tooth colour. It will give you a benchmark to help you assess if you would like your teeth whitened.

Charting of cracks

Teeth are crystalline. Cracks in teeth are similar to cracks in a windscreen of a car. It is the point at which catastrophic failure of the tooth is most likely to occur. We will document and inform you, if these exist and discuss options on how to prevent and protect your teeth.

Charting of heavily filled teeth

Teeth that are more than 50% filled are prone to future failure and fracture. We will document and inform you of these teeth so you can make an informed decision about what to do in the future.

Digital X-rays

All dentists take x-rays but with digital x-rays we reduce radiation exposure to minimal levels (to the point that it is less radiation than you would receive in a flight from Melbourne to Sydney).

Digital Photos

To document the state of your mouth we take digital photos with our sophisticated macro lens and macro flash. This lets us review a snapshot of your mouth even years later if we ever need to investigate any issues.

Hi Res Photos on iPad (to look at teeth in detail)

High resolution images on the iPad allows our dental professionals to zoom in on anything they wish to further investigate and give them the superhuman ability to see in more detail. This helps us diagnose cracks, decay and breakdown of older fillings before they become an emergency.

Documentation of finds of photos

Not only are the images reviewed and magnified to superhuman levels, but these findings are also documented in your clinical notes so that any dental professional in the clinic can access them in an instant. The photos are also linked to your individual file so they can be brought up in seconds.

Explanation of problems with individualised photos

The photos allow honest and open discussions as you can see exactly what we can see. This makes explaining what is happening in your mouth easier for you to understand. Thus making an informed choice about treatment options easy and giving you full control and understanding.

Explanation of problems in plain English

We use “layman's terms” to explain what is going on. An example will help you understand. Dentist Speak: “You have an 8mm periodontal pocket on tooth 26 buccal.” Normal Speak: “You have bacteria eating away at the bone on the cheek side of your top left first molar. That is the 6th tooth from the front. Although it is painless it is still causing damage; a bit like with waiting for pain and clutching your chest before seeing the doctor. By the time the tooth gets loose or you swell up with an abscess it will not be an easy fix.” Normal Speak gives you control of your mouth and what you want to do about it.

Explanation of what would happen if you did nothing at all so that you are completely informed of all options

At Balnarring Dental Centre you will leave your appointment with an understanding of the possible consequences of having no treatment. This way you can make an informed decision about your dental care.

Options given for treatment available

There have been vast improvements in dental technology in the last 20 years. Our dental practitioners keep themselves up to date with modern techniques so we can give our patients more options for treatment. We always strive to explain all treatment options to you in a way that you can understand. We go through the pros and cons of every option that suits your unique case.

Payment and fees discussed openly so no surprises

During the consultation your dental practitioner will explain the approximate fees of all the options so there are no surprises. Our receptionist can also go through the prices with you if you wish as you book your appointments.

Payment plans available

We offer payment plan options if you need treatment but need to pay it off over time. You can speak to our friendly receptionist about this any time.

Braces provided at premises

We have done extra years of study and training to be able to offer orthodontic treatment onsite for your convenience. Most of the time you will not need to be referred to a specialist. If your specific case needs a referral however we are very happy to organise this.

Ability to be sedated for dental treatment

We strive to be very gentle and caring during our dental treatment but if you prefer to be sedated during your treatment we can make this happen. We can organise for an anaesthetist to be present during your appointment so you can sleep through your treatment. Please note the anaesthetist is a separate company and will charge his own fees.

Entertainment (TV and Music) available for dental treatment

Watch a movie during your dental treatment using video glasses or an overhead TV screen. Please let us know upon booking your appointment if you wish to have this so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Noise Cancelling headphones available for dental treatment

Hate the sound of the drill? We have the most modern noise cancelling headphones by Bose for your comfort. They block out majority of the dental equipment noise so you can relax while listening to music of your choice.

Blankets to keep you warm and safe available during treatment

For extra comfort we offer cosy blankets during your dental treatment. The blankets are ready for you to use so just let us know if you would like one.

Pillows available during treatment

Necks are fragile things. Our dental chairs are very comfortable but sometimes we need extra comfort. We have pillows available on request if you want your neck to be supported even further. Just ask.

No pressure on what you choose to do

As long as you understand the pros and cons to the options that you choose we will support you 100%. This is your mouth and your life – we will never judge. We will just always be there to help you decide what you want for yourself.

White fillings and gold used only (No mercury fillings ever)

Would I ever put a mercury/amalgam filling in my own mouth or that of a loved one? No! They help crack teeth and cause other issues. We don’t place those fillings anymore, we have much better materials that will protect and enhance teeth. Be safe in the knowledge that you will not get a mercury/amalgam filling from us EVER!

Safe Removal of Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings

We are a ‘Mercury Free’ and ‘Mercury Safe’ dental clinic. Procedures and equipment like, charcoal chelation, high volume evacuators, rubber dam, water shield and nasal protection allows us to remove mercury fillings safely.

Mercury Filtration from Water Supply

We love our environment and so have placed amalgam separators to filter amalgam out of the water before it is pumped into the environment. Your children’s children will probably thank us for this later.

Fillings placed with rubber dam

Scientifically proven to provide a filling with better bond strength and less contamination and so will last longer and be more comfortable.

Antibacterial Chlorhexadine placed on cavity area

Chlorhexadine kills bugs! Hospitals use it for surgeons that scrub in for surgery. Application of this on the tooth will reduce the bacteria count and will increase lifespan of teeth and fillings.

Super Strength Topical used before any injections

This 20% anaesthetic gel (usually only 2% in typical dental practices) is specially formulated by pharmacists for our practice and is rubbed on the gums. It is very effective at numbing the gums. This means that you will hardly even notice an injection if required. In fact, many clients don’t believe us when we tell them that injection is already done.

Only Australian Labs used

Using labs from overseas can be cheaper, but we never truly know what they have done to cut costs. Other dentists have reported that some overseas crowns, bridges, onlay and dentures have had toxic chemical imbedded in them like cyanide and lead that has caused dramatic problems to patients. We avoid this, by using local labs that only use TGA approved materials and equipment.

Prebooking further appointments

Let’s face it; we are all getting busier and busier in everyday life. To make things easy we will prebook the next appointment even if it is in 6 months time so that it will fit in with your schedule. This also means that it is one less thing for you to worry about.

Reminder courtesy SMS service for appointments

We know that if you prebook an appointment many months in advance, you may let it slip your mind. But by prebooking, we will take care of the reminders for you. We will send you an SMS, e-mail or phone-call 1 week before. If you need to change the time just give us an easy 2 business days’ notice to avoid any late change fees.

No touch cross infection technique

We take cleanliness and sterilisation very seriously for the safety of our patients. We follow strict infection control procedures at Balnarring Dental Centre. The ‘no touch’ cross infection technique ensures no spread of germs from one person to the next. We take extra steps and undergo special training for this.

Practice Accreditation

Our dental clinic has been accredited unlike many other dental clinics in Australia. We have been certified and tested to ensure we abide by all the new standards and dental guidelines. It was a privilege for us to achieve our award and we are very proud of our team for helping make this happen.

Offer Beverages

We offer a variety of hot and cold beverages for you to enjoy if you arrive early for your dental appointment or are waiting on a family member during their dental treatment. Please let our receptionist know if there is anything we can offer you.

Organise appointments with specialists

For your convenience we can arrange your appointments with specialists you have been referred to. We are happy to call them for you to make it easier for you.

Interpret Specialist letters for you

Confused about the letter you received from your specialist? We will gladly explain it to you in plain language when you come in. Just bring the letter along with you to your appointment and let us know in advance so we allow more time for the appointment.

Second Opinions given

We are happy to provide second opinions on dental treatment. Please let our receptionist know on booking your dental appointment with us. It is helpful if you bring along any x-rays or diagnostic test results that have been already performed.

Friendly and Understanding Dentists and Staff

We are proud of our team and have a strong work family atmosphere. Our patients are treated as a number one priority and we hope you will agree. Nothing is ever too hard for us and we will go above and beyond to help you.

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