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About Our Clinic

We have the team of highly qualified dentists in Mornington Peninsula with decades of experience across all areas of dentistry. Our principal dental surgeon, Dr. Tiv, leads Balnarring Dental Centre and is well supported by a hard-working clerical team who make sure appointments run smoothly and on time.

Combining the unique expertise of our dental professionals is our move towards taking a multi-disciplinary approach to dental care and offer a comprehensive range of services at our Mornington Peninsula dental clinic. We have a sensitive and caring approach to help our patients feel at ease because we understand that some people feel nervous about visiting the dentist. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have.

Mornington Peninsula Team

Our dedicated team of Mornington Peninsula based dentists

Oral health is an important part of your overall health and wellbeing. Having good oral health will also help get the nutrition you need and to enjoy the foods you love. Other parts of your body may also be affected by oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease, so looking after your teeth and gums can also help to lower your general health risks.

We will give you a complete dental health assessment when you visit our dentists in Mornington Peninsula and check the condition of your teeth, gums and mouth and look for any signs of a possible problem. We will also recommend treatment or improvements that may be beneficial for you and the ones that you should make to your dental care routine.

Daily brushing and flossing is important, because your dental care isn’t limited only within the confines of our dental clinic. A healthy diet, and avoiding bad habits all contribute to maintaining a healthy smile. You won’t be forced to undergo treatments you don’t want. We want everyone to be fully informed first before making a decision for themselves and their families.


Healthy and Happy Patients

State of the Art Technology

For us at our Mornington Peninsula dental clinic, to offer more accurate diagnosis and efficient treatments, we keep ourselves updated with the latest developments in the dental industry.

To help us assess your dental needs and identify problem areas with greater speed and precision, advanced diagnostic and imaging systems such as low-dose digital x-rays and orthopantomogram (OPG) scans are used to help us. Also through these advanced dental instruments the patient’s comfort is improved and their risk of complication during procedures is lowered.

Our Mornington Peninsula clinic will welcome you warmly, because our clinic is built as a restful oasis found in the beautiful area of Mornington Peninsula. You will have a pleasant environment where you can relax and feel at ease before, during and after your treatments. We’ve pulled out all the stops to help make your dental experience a pleasant one.

While our staff are giving you all the information you need and answer any questions you have you can just sit back and enjoy the creature comforts you’d find in your own home. On your scheduled meeting with your Mornington Peninsula dentist, you can just lie back in the dental chair and get lost in a favourite movie or TV show on the custom built-in ceiling TV screens and noise-cancelling headphones while your dentist gets to work. We also have neck cushions and blankets for your comfort during your dental procedure. We have a variety of beverages, including a selection of T2 teas to offer during your consultations with the dentist in the separate consulting rooms (away from the dental equipment) or while you relax in our patient lounge.