teeth whitening patient

Dr Tiv’s Tooth Hacks – Don’t Brush After Teeth Whitening!

Did you know that if you whiten your teeth, you shouldn’t brush afterwards? I mean it, don’t brush afterwards! Even if you use whitening gels from the supermarket or professional whitening kits from your dentist. The reason being the way whitening works is it makes your teeth slightly porous while the whitenings on place, to dissolve and get rid of any stains.

Now if you leave it alone for 1 or 2 hours the saliva will go and harden it back up again but if you go and start scrubbing and brushing before that time, you’re going to wear that enamel off and make the enamel thinner which means eventually your teeth are going to look even more yellow. The complete opposite to what you’re trying to achieve!

So that’s one of Dr Tiv’s Tooth Hacks – Don’t brush your teeth for at least 2 hours after whitening!