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How much notice do I need to give?

So that we can provide the very best service and fit our valued clients into our books without a long wait all we ask is that you give us 2 business days notice if you need to change an appointment.  You must call us and speak to our lovely front desk staff. You cannot send a message or leave a message. If you do so, it will be counted as not giving us notice.

Why do we have late change fees?

We know life gets busy and that sometimes you need to change your schedule. We would rather your prioritise your dental health over other priorities as we see every day what happens when people delay treatment and the pain and extra suffering it causes (See here – Warning Graphic Content on this Page). Remember that your appointment was made to prevent further issues that could cause you to spend more time and money so do be wary that delaying treatment may inadvertently make life more difficult, more costly and more painful. But sometimes you just have to change. If so, we ask for 2 business days notice so we can give someone your spot. This has been a request from our other patients. They have told us, that it’s hard to change their own schedule without enough notice – and I’m sure you agree as well. Two business days allows everyone enough time to change their schedule so that it can be a win-win-win situation for everyone.

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What if I have to change without 2 business days notice?

If you have to change without 2 business days notice then you will be charged a $75 late change fee. This is to cover some of the costs of your appointment, such as reserving a room, the dentist and nurse or hygienist. If you cancel too late or fail to attend, it is difficult for us to rework these expenses. This fee will definitely not cover everything but it will help cover our wonderful staff. You will also have a record placed against your name and if it happens again, you may be asked to prepay for future appointments. As you know, we only hire the best of the best and so we don’t want them sitting around with nothing to do.

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